1. The first edition of WEDnetwork, i.e. wedding industry meetings. The initiative of a training and integration meeting for my industry was created in cooperation with my friend-photographer: Beata Synkiewicz. The first meeting took place at HEVRE, in Krakow’s Kazimierz. A special place, with a piece of history, so we decided to use the potential of this restaurant and organize a unique stylized session. Then came the training block, where we met Agata Koman (Kaman Show), who talked about the secrets of marketing for the wedding industry.
    2. Women’s Day at Crystal Palace is an event like no other! It was designed for the pandemic times. It is an initiative undertaken by me and Beata Kowalcze, the owner of this amazing place. On this day, March 8, 2021, we invited representatives of various fields of the wedding industry: photographers, cameramen, musicians, bartenders, wedding planners, florists, decorators, jewelers, confectioners … Each of these people had the opportunity to talk about their brand and give some advice in the field of cooperation with the bride and groom.
    3. Realization of your beautiful weddings. The 2021 wedding season is definitely a better year for the entire industry than 2020, which was much more restrictive. This season, I had the opportunity to organize wonderful celebrations for amazing couples who decided to cooperate with me in various areas: from full organization, outdoor and room decoration, to hosting a humanistic wedding, or just the coordination of the wedding day.
    4. Workshops for photographers, as part of the Beauty Workshop, is another project on which I worked with the owner of this company – Vera Kosina-Polska. My job was to organize a stylized session in which we engaged up to 20 subcontractors! You can see the effects of this unique project on my website in the „Portfolio” section, as well as on my social media channels. Next year we will
    continue cooperation :).
    5. The second edition of WEDnetwork is a continuation of the mission of associating the wedding industry. This time we organized it at the Krakow Hilton, where we trained in the field of: law, dress-code rules, the Canva program and the power of video advertising. After a delicious dinner, even Santa Claus visited us! The day was also very successful in terms of networking and the traditional dimensions of business cards. The next edition will be in March … 🙂
    6. Organizing a photo session in Paris is another great step in expanding your range of services. The knowledge of foreign languages ​​makes me feel great abroad, and the organization of logistics, accommodation, filming is pure pleasure for me! This time, the choice fell on the capital of France, which is the top place when it comes to photo sessions. What place will be next?
    7. Lectures at post-secondary school in the field of „Organization of weddings and conferences”. I have never concealed the fact that I love training! Working with another person is an amazing adventure that I want to experience! This time I act as a lecturer, I present reliable knowledge, I teach how to deal with the client, and also how to negotiate with a business partner. Of course, I also share my experience and the path of my development. Such work gives a lot of satisfaction!
    8. Stylized sessions. This year I realized some ideas for arranging various leitmotifs. These were, among others: a metallic session, an eco-style wedding (inspired by cacti), as well as an amazing session on the Sheraton’s terrace with the participation of a samoyed! These designs aim to inspire my audience to find their own personal idea to decorate their party.
    9. In my opinion, my wedding is not only the event of the year, but also of my life! We organized our wedding together with my husband within 8 months. In such a fast and efficient organization, the fact that we are very decision-making, i.e. we make decisions quickly, certainly helped. In such situations, earlier ideas about the day are also important, as they certainly bring you closer to the right decisions.
    10. The wedding session in Rome is one of the parts of our honeymoon that has been beautifully immortalized. As you know, I love Italy, and there is no more important cradle of Italianness than ROMA! Those days spent in this wonderful place will surely remain in our memory for a long time.