In today’s post I will tell you about the profession of a wedding day coordinator. Ready ,steady, go!

I have been getting inquiries from you regarding this function for a long time. What is it for? What’s included in this service? Who will need it? Bearing in mind that the services of both the wedding planner and the wedding day coordinator are still crawling on the Polish market, I am answering your questions right now.
Most of us get married once in our lifetime (or so we assume), and therefore wedding themes are not fully known to us. As a rule, we do not know how to manage this day so that everything goes perfectly. Even people with highly developed organizational skills have a problem with bilocation and teleporting to different places at once: D, and this, unfortunately, very often involves completing this huge ceremony. What should you take care of on this day? It all depends on your individual wedding concept and how many attractions you have prepared for your guests. Usually, however, these are permanent elements, such as: preparing the scenario of the ceremony, decorating the church and the hall (or open air!), Coordinating subcontractors, taking care of foreign guests (and not only!), Paying service providers, responding in crisis situations (for example: finding a replacement in the absence of any of the subcontractors). These duties are the pillars of the coordinator of the wedding day, who on this day is the right hand of the bride (and groom, you know!).

Poland is a country of resourceful, brave and inventive people, so many of you say that you can take care of it all yourself. I may surprise you, but my reaction is: Of course, you can! After all, you can appoint your friends, family, bridesmaids for various tasks … There are many options. The truth is, however, that burdening your loved ones is not the best solution. The cost of hiring a specialist is certainly disproportionate to the sacrifices and stress you will bear. The coordinator of the wedding day is with you from morning to night, watches over the course of the whole day, creates an action plan, and above all makes the bride and groom sure that everything will go as it should.

Surely many of you are curious how much does it cost to coordinate your wedding day? The price depends on many factors, but in Poland it is in the range of PLN 2,500 – PLN 3,500. It is mistakenly believed to be the price for one working day. To give you an idea of ​​how complex this work is, please note the following list of tasks:

1. Meeting with the Bride and Groom and setting goals and expectations
2. Contacting all subcontractors (band, DJ, Photographer, Cameraman, Florist, Decorator etc.)
3. Creating the wedding day scenario
4. Contact with the venue
5. Transfer and discussion with subcontractors of the scenario
6. Confirming the presence and coordinating the work of subcontractors
7. Delivery of bouquets / decorations if needed
8. Adding details to the venue (such as arranging vignettes, checking room availability, etc.)
9. Settlement with subcontractors
10. Coordination of guest transport
11. Present at the wedding till night
12. Assisting in case of crisis situations
13. Translation services (in my offer)
14. Some decorations for free (in my offer)

A very important thing to be aware of is that most of the items need to be prepared ON YOUR WEDDING DAY. I mean, first of all, all kinds of decorations, which usually young couples are not able to take care of themselves due to their own duties on this special day (makeup, hairdresser, first photo & video shots).

I hope this post has helped you find answers to your questions. For my part, I invite you to contact me, we will certainly find the best form of cooperation for both parties. See you :)!