The last days before the wedding are usually a mixture of many emotions: excitement, happiness, adrenaline, but also stress. What to do to make the last days before the wedding calm and fully under control? Today we advise what to do, or rather what not to do in the last moments before getting married!

1. Trust the Wedding Planner/Wedding Day Coordinator or someone you rely on.
When your day is well planned and the scenario of the wedding day is ready, stress should not accompany you. Each subcontractor (photographer, florist, wedding hall …) should have a script of your ceremony at least one week before the wedding, so that all possible questions and doubts are dispelled as soon as possible (and not the day before or (!) on the day of the wedding). If you hire a person to coordinate, all issues should be closed even earlier, so nothing should surprise you in the last week.

2. Take time to relax.
A great solution is to take a vacation in the last week before your wedding, if of course you can afford it. Your wedding is often an unprecedented event in your life, so it is worth extending the time to celebrate this event. During this time, we recommend using the spa, massage, but at the same time remember to abandon ideas with experimenting. So don’t decide on treatments you’ve never tried before, and don’t try spray tanning or a solarium if it’s your first time. You don’t know how your skin and body will react. It is therefore worth choosing your favorite and proven activities: a longer walk, swimming pool, going to the cinema, meeting friends in your favorite restaurant.

3. Do all fittings and trial services at least one week before the wedding.
This is a very important point that is often forgotten. Nevertheless, the bride’s appearance is often a key aspect for all girls getting married. Therefore, all make-up and hair trials should be done more than a few days in advance. This will allow you to change stylists and stress-free search for the perfect one. The same applies to the collection of the wedding dress, shoes and accessories. Don’t leave it to the last minute! I know that salons very often offer to pick up the dress in the last week before the wedding, but it is safer to do it a little earlier. The exception is a significant change in weight, if you notice it in the last weeks before the wedding: then it’s worth waiting for the moment for your dress to be perfectly fitted to your figure.

4. Turn off internet/social media notifications.
You can be sure that in the last days before the wedding, your friends will have a lot of questions for you and will flood you with messages. If you want to focus on your emotions and feelings, try to be offline for a while on the last day before the wedding. All your guests have received invitations with all the necessary information to appear at your wedding. So don’t worry: if their question is urgent, they’ll call you.

5. Check if your shoes are still comfortable!
There is nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes at your own wedding. Check if your body has not retained water that caused your feet to swell. It is important that your shoes are broken in earlier, and an additional 2 pairs of shoes for disguise are a must have!

6. Get enough sleep.
Sleep is incredibly soothing to our mind and body. Thanks to it, our skin is radiant and we simply feel better! Find time for a full-fledged sleep, and on the day of the wedding you will have energy to party until dawn!

7. Complete your essentials.
Make sure you (or your Witness!) have all the necessary things and accessories with you on your wedding day. Here you will definitely need: needle & thread, safety pins, cosmetics to improve makeup, spare shoes, toothbrush & toothpaste, perfume, painkillers, etc. Usually all these things are in the Wedding Planner’s trunk, but if you organize your own wedding, be sure to take care of this essential!

8. Spend this time TOGETHER!
These are your last moments as Bride and Groom – it won’t come back! Feel this state, celebrate every moment together. Go for a walk, have a good coffee or go to a restaurant – just enjoy this special time together.