Today I have an amazing firecracker for you! For a long time I was looking for an original idea for arranging a wedding in my head. I wanted this idea to be not only attractive to the eye, but also economical for the bride and groom. The „zero waste” trend is becoming a very important element of the awareness of young people who are looking for new and useful solutions. One of them may be the use of potted plants to decorate a wedding hall, which I propose. Sounds bold? Meet my cactus style !!

In the session below you will find many flavors that can really enchant you! One of them is the wonderful velor dressing gown of the Bride by Brideboxproject, which with its deep green color perfectly fits the floral theme of the wedding. There was also a bouquet with a cactus accent. It is a bold alternative, but certainly unique. Such compositions can be found at the unique Natalia from Bottega di Fiori! The Sweet Table is an option for everyone who DOES NOT want to deprive themselves of even more sweets ON THIS DAY. We have to admit that we feel sweet just from looking at these wonderful pastries. Stationery is also an element of the wedding, which should go hand in hand with other decorations. In this case, I focused on plant and cactus motifs, and the beautiful invitations were designed especially by Celebricards.pl. At the end, I left the icing on the cake for you, which is a photo booth madness, because who said that in winter you can’t have a great time there? Flaszgang.pl will provide a lot of experience for every guest <3.