Wedding makeup trends 2019

In today’s post we talk about the topic that will undoubtedly be useful to every bride this year! We present the latest makeup trends for your special day. If it is fast approaching and you are still thinking about the color palette, please refer to our remarks!

First of all, we encourage you to feel good and natural. Therefore, we suggest that the makeup you wear every day is a reference point for the one you choose for your wedding day. We persuade you into speaking openly on the test make-up how you feel and whether the make-up that you have had applied looks exactly as you wished. If you always make a black line while the stylist had a different vision, and you looking in the mirror have the impression that something is „missing”, do not hesitate to ask for modification at your discretion.

Believe us! A very good impact on how you will feel has a well-made make-up. We will also not hide that this season we focus on naturalness!

Not all brides feel well in strongly emphasized lips or in expressive shades. It all depends on the type of beauty, sometimes it is enough to gently emphasize the eyelashes and add pink on the cheeks to look dazzling.

If you are struggling with rare and short eyelashes, you should think about visiting a beautician who will naturally thicken and emphasize them even more.

We do not forget about the carefully lit face. A well-chosen and applied highlighter will make your skin look natural and healthy. Let’s not forget to cleanse and moisturize your skin a few days before your wedding makeup.

This year, the most frequently chosen colors for brides are meringues, browns and grays. Ladies who feel better in stronger makeup we offer shades with glitter in silver, gold and even pink!

If we decide to strongly emphasize the eye, give up the strong emphasis on the lips. And conversely. If we care about very expressive lips, let’s decide to slightly emphasize the eyes.

This season, however, naturalness prevails both in highlighting the lips and eyes. Intense lipstick colors are replaced with pink lip gloss or delicate nude lipstick. Remember to emphasize the natural beauty, while not allowing the effect of „exaggeration”.

The key to makeup is to give the eyebrows the right shape and color. It is worth to bet on the proven and professional eye of a trusted cosmetician. She will know how to handle the most laid-back hair. She will also advise you on what filler cosmetics you should use, pencils, eye shadows, pomades and gels. There are really many possibilities!

The most important thing, however, is that on this day a beautiful bride should feel special and at ease, and at the same time confident and beautiful! Makeup can certainly help!