Fashionable color combinations for your wedding!

Many couples organizing their wedding are thinking about the palette of colors that are to be the main theme during their celebrations. Today we are helping you out and we are presenting a few combinations that we perceive as the most beautiful. Let us know what your choice is :)!

1.Gold + White
– it is a very classical color combination, which is specially desirable for glamour weddings. Do not forget to pay attention to the details at your wedding hall, such as chandelier, doors, mirrors – if they match such an amount of gold accessories.

2. Violet + Pink + White
– this combination is perfect for those couples, who like the cold colors. Heathers, lilacs, pink roses – all of them will make your celebration more romantic!

3. Gold + Pink
– pink is the most frequently chosen color for wedding decorations. No wonder – it is very delicate and feminine, and when combined with gold, it becomes even more elegant.

4. Burgundy + White/Gold
– In Autumn and Winter, we encourage you to choose more intensive colors, such as burgundy which is incredibly expressive and elegant.

5. Navy + White/Gold/Silver
for fans of blue, the ideal solution is to match it with classy white, gold or silver. These beautiful tonations will fit especially winter aura.