Trendy wedding cakes 2019

The appearance of a cake at a wedding is often one of the highlights of this special celebration. Which cake should you choose when the offer is so wide? We are here to help You!

The confectionery market is not lagging behind other wedding novelties and is still surprising with its richness of solutions. Just a few years ago, the most common choice of young couples was a white classic two-story cake, which is undoubtedly a timeless solution. Nevertheless, it often tempts us to bet on something unique and original. It is up to the bride and groom to choose which should be consistent with the nature of the wedding. If the wedding takes place in a glamor style, where the decorations are kept in gold, glass, white or ecru – let’s also focus on the classics! However, in the case of celebrations in boho & rustic climates, our cake should refer to naturalness and modesty.

In our opinion, each cake is an original work of art that definitely has something in itself! Patisserie outdo each other in their crazy decorations, thanks to which such wonders arise that we present to you below. Welcome to the gallery!

  1. Cake with live flowers

2. Cake with golden decorations

3. Cake in the style of boho/naked

4. Cake with color accent

5. Cake with geometrical accents

6. Cake in the form of cupcakes

You can find all of these cakes on our Pinterest profile here.
Which cake is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!