Today, I am inviting you, my dear friends, to the film from the Italian session that took place in September this year, in a beautiful place! What was my inspiration to create such a project? It was certainly my love for sunny Italy <3. Therefore, the Italian style is very close to me. In this stylization of the space, I put a green and yellow version of the tableware, which greatly enhanced the character of this place. Look at these beautiful flowers, which in my opinion add a large dose of optimism and joy. The bride appeared in two stylizations, very airy, ethereal and feminine. The groom, in turn, is the quintessence of masculinity in the most fashionable Italian edition. Do you also love these vests: D? The whole thing was completed by a beautiful prosecco van, with a graceful mint color. However, in this case, it’s content that counts – exquisite prosecco is great for any time! What about the wedding? A blood-red car, because why not!?:))