7 reasons why you need a wedding planner

1) Stress and mental health! Let’s face it, wedding planning is hard work! The person planning the wedding will take all the stress away from you, so you will stay healthy. Your planner will be the contact point for all different suppliers and will answer countless phone calls and emails. Planners have the task of remembering all the details and asking the right question to get exactly what you want. In addition, your wedding consultant will be with you on your Big Day to make sure everything goes according to plan so that you can enjoy every minute.

 2) Relations with suppliers – part of planners’ work is spending time researching and learning about the best suppliers. We plan many events at the same time and have established close relationships with suppliers. The subcontractor is more willing to negotiate with the wedding organizer :).

 3) Save money – because planners have so many relationships with suppliers, we have a significant chance of getting more savings. We also know what is important and what is unnecessary, so do not waste money on things you do not need.

 4) Misfortunes – let us be honest, if you would like your day to run exactly as planned, it is almost impossible for it to happen without someone who will lead the day. Who will make sure that the sellers arrive on time, the tables are arranged according to your vision, the cake does not melt, the groom has pants in a tuxedo, and the groomsmen are where they should be? On your wedding day, you should focus on making your hair and putting on a beautiful dress instead of talking on the phone with a DJ who can not find a place …

 5) Fresh perspective – Sometimes all good advice can get out of control a bit. Everyone you know says something else about how things should „be” at your wedding. The planner will listen to your vision and help you create what you want, not what Aunt Mathilda wants. Sometimes the friend’s tips are good, but the planner’s advice is always great.

 6) Experienced hand – Most wedding planners have never planned a large-scale event and are not sure how many moving parts there are at the time of the wedding. Wedding consultant knows and is able to prevent all misfortunes.

 7) Accounting – how many suppliers do I have? When should you make a deal? What are the payment terms? Who do I need to call yet? Keeping track of all these things is a difficult task. Let the planner do it for you!